Book Gift Baskets

The Book Basket Company delivers beautiful gift baskets filled with carefully-curated selections of the very best books for babies and young children.

Gifting one of our beautiful book gift baskets couldn’t be easier.
Choose a book-ish gift basket from among our beautiful themed selections carefully curated for babies and young children.
Choose from our pink-and-white, blue-and-white, boho rainbows or botanical print baskets.
Add an extra soft toy for a twin or older sibling, if needed.
Include a message for us to hand-write for you on one of our gift cards.
Beautiful. Thoughtful. Easy.

About Our Gift Baskets

Our beautiful book gift baskets double as a cute and sturdy place to store the books. And there’s room in the basket for more books as your little one’s library grows.

So why store the books in the basket?

Most of the books in our gift baskets are board books and they’re designed to be handled – yes, and sometimes chewed – by small humans. In fact, that’s actually a really important part of a baby’s early literacy journey. Babies need to have easy access to their own books to explore whenever and however they wish and, as they grow, they’ll enjoy ‘reading’ them all by themselves. That pretend reading is super-cute to see and it’s also a crucial part of their early literacy development.

The other reason for storing the books in their basket is that it makes it easy to keep them close at hand for impromptu read-aloud snuggles throughout the day. Bedtime is a great time to share books with little ones but any time of the day can be story time if you have a favourite book nearby. Cuddling up for a story can calm an unhappy baby or an over-tired toddler and it’s a great way for mum or dad to grab a few minutes rest too.

Our beautiful and unique book gift baskets for babies and young children are the perfect gift for any occasion.