Our Gifts for One-Year-Olds

The Gift Baskets and Little Book Gifts on this page have been carefully created to be the perfect gifts for one-year-olds.
Chosen by a mum and teacher, these are the very best books for 1-year-olds and they make wonderful gifts for little book-lovers.

book Gifts for One-year-olds

Why are these books so great for one-year-olds?

One-year-olds adore rhymes and love to turn the pages themselves. That’s why most of the books we’ve chosen are rhyming stories with beautiful language and rhythms which make them a joy to read aloud.
One-year-olds can also be pretty tough on books which is why the majority of our books are board books. Board books will stand up to a lot of handling – and chewing – by small humans. And handling their own books is an important part of a child’s early literacy development.

As children move from twelve months of age to fifteen and then eighteen months, their vocabularies grow, their ability to handle and manipulate objects increases and they are more interested than ever in the world around them. The books in our Gift Baskets and Little Book Gifts are chosen to help stimulate children’s development in these areas while also being a joy for parents and caregivers to share with their small humans.