Bedtime Gift Basket

Help create a happy, relaxed bedtime routine and beautiful bed-time memories with the gorgeous collection of the best bedtime books for babies in our Bedtime Gift Basket.

Each book is a joy to read aloud and has been carefully chosen to delight parents and small humans from birth up to the age of 4. These are the books which will help create treasured childhood memories and spark a love of stories and reading which will last a lifetime.

Whether your gift is for a special birthday, a baby shower or for a new baby, our Bedtime Gift Basket is the perfect gift.

Your Bedtime Gift Basket includes:

  • 6 books for babies chosen to encourage a love of stories and reading;
  • a book for parents about the joys and importance of reading aloud;
  • a soft toy for little hands to hold at story time;
  • a gorgeous, sturdy basket to keep books tidy and within easy reach;



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Our Bedtime Gift Basket contains six of the very best bedtime books for babies which are perfect to share with newborn babies and with little ones up to the age of four.

It makes a wonderful new baby gift, baby shower gift or birthday gift for a beloved grandchild or friend.

The bedtime stories in our Bedtime Gift Basket have been carefully chosen to enhance the development of young brains by providing a variety of listening experiences. The emphasis is on the rhyme and rhythmic language which babies and small children love so much and which is so important for stimulating their love of language and their awareness of how language works.

The basket of books is designed to be kept close at hand to allow easy access to the books for little ones and to encourage impromptu read-aloud sessions.

Our Bedtime Gift Basket contains the following books:

  • Time for Bed: a gentle, rhyming story about baby animals settling down to sleep with their parents;
  • Guess How Much I Love You: Little Nutbrown Hare's father tells him how much he loves him as he gets ready for bed;
  • Goodnight Moon: a classic book about a little rabbit saying goodnight to all the things in his room;
  • The Going to Bed Book: rhyming text and hilarious illustrations show animals going through their bedtime routines;
  • Good Night, Sleep Tight: Bonnie and Ben's favourite babysitter tells them nursery rhymes as they get ready for bed;
  • Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? Little Bear is frightened of the dark and can't get to sleep so Big Bear sets out to help;
  • Reading Magic: Mem Fox's fascinating book for parents about the joys and importance of reading aloud to our little ones;

Please note that the book cover images shown here may differ to those in the basket depending on the print edition.

A Little Nutbrown Hare soft toy (he's from Guess How Much I Love You) is great for little hands to hold while listening to the stories.

The beautiful, sturdy basket is designed to store the books so that they can be kept tidy and close at hand.


Our beautiful baskets are made especially for The Book Basket Company to our specifications and are sturdy enough to stand up to a bit of less-than-gentle handling from little ones. The cute liners are sewn for us here in Sydney by a lovely lady who operates her small business from home.

Basket: white-painted cane
Basket liner: 100% cotton
Little Nutbrown Hare rattle toy: polyester outer and filling

Care Guide

Your Bedtime Gift Basket is designed to stand up to normal wear-and-tear and to handling by young children:

Basket: wipe gently with a damp cloth.
Liner: wash gently in cold water, if needed. Line dry. Do not tumble dry as the cotton will shrink.
Little Nutbrown Hare rattle toy: spot clean with a damp cloth to remove any marks. Can be hand-washed. Air dry.

Books: board books are designed to be handled by babies and small children and we encourage this as it’s an important part of how little ones get to know and love books. Yes, the books are likely to become a bit worn but we think that’s OK. We suggest being a bit careful with Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? because the pop-up pieces are easily damaged by little fingers. You may like to keep this one out of reach of the under-2s, to be shared as a read-aloud with Mum or Dad.


Our gift baskets are shrink-wrapped to prevent the books moving around in transit. Each gift basket is protected by a layer of biodegradable, eco-friendly fill inside its shipping box:

Basket (empty): 23cm x 23cm x 14cm (height)
Basket (with books): 23cm x 23cm x 21cm (height)
Basket boxed for delivery: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm


We’re sure you and the little bookworm in your life will love your Bedtime Gift Basket but if for any reason you don’t please don’t worry. You can return your gift basket, no questions asked, and we’ll give you a full refund, including postage.


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