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Looking for Easter gift ideas for kids?

Easter gift ideas for kids usually involve Easter eggs and other chocolate treats. And why not? Most of us love chocolate and it’s great fun for our kiddos to wake up to find that the Easter bunny has been and has left some chocolate eggs.

But, if we’re being honest, most children receive more Easter eggs than we’d really like them to eat. The Easter Bunny comes, there are Easter eggs from Mum and Dad and often from Grandma and Granddad too. There are Easter egg hunts at home, at parties and perhaps even at church. Phew! So many Easter eggs!

And, of course, once all those gorgeously-wrapped eggs have been eaten, they’re gone.

Then there are the children who can’t have chocolate because of allergies or for other reasons.

And if you live far away from the children to whom you’d like to give an Easter gift, posting fragile chocolate treats which are likely to melt en route is not always practical.

Finally, what about Easter gifts for a baby? Most mums and dads aren’t keen for their little ones to have chocolate so what do you do if you’d like to give an Easter gift to a new little person in your life?

Happily, there are plenty of non-chocolate Easter gift ideas for kids and quite a few cute Easter gifts for the baby in your life too.

I’m a bit biased towards giving books to children as gifts so here are three non-chocolate Easter gift ideas for the little ones in your life which may or may not involve books!

1. An Easter Toy to Cuddle

Baby animals of all kinds are traditionally associated with Easter. That’s because, in the northern hemisphere where both the pagan and the Christian origins of Easter first began, Easter happens at the beginning of Spring which also happens to be when baby animals are born.

little easter gift

Before the advent of Christianity, spring was celebrated because it heralded new life in the form of baby animals, new grass on the ground and leaves on the trees and the beginning of warm days when people could spend time outside instead of huddled indoors. People started to feel alive again after the long winter and that was cause for celebration!

It is thought that, as Christianity spread throughout Europe, the story of Jesus’s resurrection and new life was joined to the pagan tradition of celebrating new life in nature and thus the association with baby chickens, lambs and bunnies was born.

This is why you’ll find so many gorgeous soft toys around at Easter time in the form of bunnies, lambs and baby chicks. The Jellycat Poppet toys (left and at the top of the page) are new this Easter and they’re gloriously soft and touchable, just perfect for little hands to hold.

Give one on its own or combine it with an Easter-themed book to make a sweet little Easter gift for children aged from birth up to about three.

Our Little Easter Gift (pictured) comes in a cute organza bag ready to be given to the special little person in your life.


2. Easter Books

If Easter is primarily a time for your family to celebrate the Christian traditions of Easter, there are many beautiful books for little ones designed to introduce them to the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection.

Lots of these are board books so they’re suitable for small hands to hold and for children to look at again and again.

Even if your family is not particularly religious, reading one of these books together can be a good way of helping your child understand the traditions they’re likely to observe at this time of year. I’m a huge fan or talking to children about the faiths and social customs of the people who share our world so why not start a conversation about what others believe using a book as a springboard for discussion?

If your family is not particularly religious, there are lots of non-religious Easter-themed books which are fun to give as Easter gifts and to read with children. Many of them involve Easter egg hunts and bright colours which babies and toddlers always enjoy looking at. Remember, it doesn’t really matter what you read to your little one: they will enjoy the cuddles, the warm attention and the sound of your voice as you read.

3. Easter Gift Baskets 

An Easter gift basket filled with Easter books is a great idea for baby’s first Easter.

If you’d like to give something more than a book or a toy, an Easter book gift basket can be a great way to start a lovely tradition for your own child or for a child close to you.

Most Easter gift baskets for kids involve chocolates and other sugary treats but not this one! A pretty basket filled with Easter-themed books is a wonderful gift for a baby or toddler and is a great way to encourage reading and to include the youngest member of the family in the excitement and traditions of the Easter season.

Make your own Easter gift basket and include a soft toy like the ones above. Your Easter gift basket can be as big or small as you’d like it to be. Check out our special Easter Gift Basket here for some Easter inspiration.

Happy Easter to you and to your family.