What is a Refugee?

What is a refugee? It’s a question I hear often from children. I teach across a number of primary schools in Sydney and have a couple of lessons and activities I do around the experience of refugees. Interestingly, though the word ‘refugee’ comes up a lot in the media and children hear it all the time, I find that many children don’t actually know what makes a person a refugee.

Why Books Are the Best Baby Shower Gift

I think books make the best baby shower gift. Now, as you may know, I create gift baskets for small humans filled with books so I’m obviously a bit biased but there are some really good reasons why you should put books on the top of your list when it comes to looking at gift options for a baby shower. Here are my top five reasons why books make …

12 Great Christmas Books for Kids

There are, of course, lots of Christmas books for kids in the shops at this time of year. The covers feature reindeer, Santa and lots of snow and glitter and the books, at first glance, look like they might be fun. But take a closer look, turn a few pages and many of the books start to look a bit … well … gimmicky. A bit cartoon-y and boring. To me, the vast majority of these books lack charm …

Sorry Day: The Perfect Book to Read Aloud

Tuesday 26 May 2020 is National Sorry Day in Australia and I have a wonderful picture book to share with you which is perfect for helping children understand why this day is important. It’s called Sorry Sorry and it’s a book you can share with children from about the age of four up. But first, a bit about National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week.